Laboratory of Medical Nanotechnologies



Head of the Laboratory
Dr. Klinov Dmitry
Ph.D. in physics and mathematics
Dr. Klinov Dmitry

Leading scientific researcher Dr. Morozova Olga, Ph.D. in biology
Leading scientific researcher Dr. Prokhorov Valery, Ph.D. in physics and mathematics
Senior scientific researcher Dr. Bashkirov Pavel, physics and mathematics
Scientific researcher Dr. Protopopova Anna, physics and mathematics
Junior scientific researcher Basmanov Dmitry, M.Sc. in physics and mathematics
Junior scientific researcher Barinov Nikolay, M.Sc. in physics and mathematics
Junior scientific researcher Aldarov Konstantin, M.Sc. in physics and mathematics
Junior scientific researcher Dr. Bagrov Dmitry, physics and mathematics
Junior scientific researcher Podmareva Olga, M.Sc. in chemistry
Engineer Mezin Alexei, M.Sc. in physics and mathematics
MIPT student, laboratory assistant Prusakov Kirill, B.Sc. in physics and mathematics
MIPT student, laboratory assistant Gazizova Julia, B.Sc. in physics and mathematics
RNRMU student, laboratory assistant Levchenko Olga

Topics of scientific interest and lines of research

Topics of scientific interest and lines of research

  • Design and prototyping of microfluidic systems for needs of molecular and cellular medicine.
  • Investigation and development of biocompatible nanomaterials and nanostructured surfaces for medical purposes.
  • Examination of physical properties of individual biomolecules and of their complexes, development of methods for visualization on the molecular level.
  • Applied research in the field of plasmonics and near-field optics.
  • Development of diagnostics based on the up-to-date methods of metabolomics and metabonomis using NMR.



  • Atomic-force microscope INTEGRA Prima (NT-MDT)
  • Interdisciplinary researching at the nanometer scale system INTEGRA Spectra: AFM + Confocal Raman + SNOM + TERS (NT-MDT)
  • Bio AFM Life, fully automated AFM integrated with Inverted Light Microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti for biological research. With its wide variety of techniques and modes of probe measurements, the Bio AFM LIFE is applicable for many challenges in life science and biotechnology: Molecular and cellular biology research; Live cell research; Microbiology and virus research; Cell-cell and cell-substrate interactions. It can be used to study of living cells, organelles and bimolecular systems in physiological conditions. Atomically-sharp probes of an AFM can be used as a tool for local treatments and single cell nano surgery. (NT-MDT)
  • Label-free Photonic Crystal Surface Wave (PC SW)-based biosensor "EVA" with an independent registration of the critical angle of total internal reflection (TIR) from the liquid.
  • Probing station for RF applications EPS150RF. Allows to achieve accuracy through a very stable system platform design with a vibration-isolation solution to protect contact quality over measurement time. Optimized optics and backlash-free X-Y-Z movement of industry-standard positioners enable precise probe placement. Probe arms with built-in high-quality coaxial cables optimize the signal path and allow you to test a variety of devices down to pA levels with a high degree of confidence.
  • High Throughput NMR Ascend 500 MHz for Development and Validation of High-Quality and Cost-Effective IVD-by-NMR and Clinical Screening Assays
Scientific contacts

Scientific contacts

  • The M.M. Shemyakin–Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Collaboration in synthesis of biopolymer’s conjugates and nanocomposites.
  • LABORATOIRE DE PHYSIQUE DES SOLIDES, Université Paris Sud, Orsay France. Collaboration in nanostructured DNA conductivity research.
  • Laboratory of the Physics of Living Matter, Laboratory of Physics of Nanostructures, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Collaboration in plasmonics and surface nanostructuring.
  • Department of Biochemistry, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel-Aviv University, Ramat-Aviv, Israel – Collaboration in developing of visualization methods of single biopolymer molecules.
Most cited publications

Most cited publications

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